Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Who I'am and Why I Chose to Blog......

I am a 32 year old married woman with no Biological children of my own. As long as I could remember my plans for a family was get married at 25, have a baby at 27 and another at 29, and if God blessed me with twins that would be great as well.  Well lets just say none of that happened, I got married at 29 and I have no Bio children. In 2011 I notice a change in my menstrual cycle and that I was craving Ice all the time. Okay something isn't right, I went to my doctor in Aug 2011and explained to her that I thought I may have fibroid's because of the changes that i was currently going through, she stated that she didn't think i had them because I had an annual and everything was perfect...okay...well you are the doctor so i trusted her opinion. 
She did test and it came back that I was an anemic. I started iron immediately. My cycles were getting terrible, i would need to change my pads and tampons every hour, yes I had to wear both, and the super overnight ones at that. I decided to go see a different doctor about 6 months later and i explained to her what was going on and she did an exam and told me at the point that "yes you do have fibroid's, but we have to confirm with ultrasound".  Long story short I indeed had them and i was scheduled to have them removed. I had to have several test before the surgery. My Doctor explained to me that after my surgery we had to wait three months before trying to conceive(TTC) and that I had to have a c-section, okay that's fine with me.
  I have my Oh so painful surgery and waiting my three months so we can start having Baby making fun.  We started trying about 2 weeks after we were cleared to to give my body more rest. The 1st month trying, we got pregnant only to have the pregnancy end at 8 weeks. I was devastated, and so was my husband. I began doing some research and looking on different forums only to find that Miscarriages(MC) are really common. This put me at ease just a little, So the doctor gave us the go to start TTC once my cycle came, it took 5 weeks for my post-mc cycle to come. Reading all the different things and listening to everyone tell me, you will get pregnant fast after a mc. Well lets just say that after 1 mc and 2 Chemical pregnancies 1 year later I'm not pregnant nor do I have a baby. 
This journey has shown me so many things, has me on an emotional roller coaster, has tested my faith but most importantly I have grown spiritually from this Journey. I have decided to write this blog while I'm going through my TESTimony instead of after I get my blessing of being pregnant and the pregnancy leads to me being a mommy. I will talk about some of the things that I went through, the things I'm going through, the things I have done( and yes its a lot) and the things that I plan to do and lastly what I'm doing in my current TTC journey. I hope my blog can bless someone and can help you through your journey whether its a TTC journey or starting a new business, this blog is more so about losing the battle but ultimately winning the war. God has us go through some trying times for us to appreciate what we have and what will come even more. 


  1. Beautiful words from a beautiful woman! Your stronger than you think and know. I am grateful for your friendship and glad to be apart of this journey :-)

  2. Never give up u will get there you are an amazing person and we will all support you through your journey good luck and
    Got my fingers crossed for you x

  3. So glad we have come across each others paths :) Who knew internet friends could be such a support system. All of us girls will get through this and find our answers one way or another. You have the support of all your "sisters" in the group <3

  4. Thanks ladies!!!! We will see each other through this journey!! Praying for us all!!!

  5. hi t, i know mc's are very common especially before 12 wks, but other than it just being something that "just happened" were your doctors able to offer any ideas as to why this happened to you at 8 wks?